The world of credit cards is becoming more and more colorful and rich, so providers have to think a lot about attracting customers. A popular option is bonus systems that are provided by various providers.

The bonus systems offer the option of collecting points when paying with a credit card and then exchanging these points for rewards or even money. At first, glance, what sounds very tempting may not be so tempting. With regard to the bonus systems, it should also be borne in mind that many credit cards are associated with an annual fee.

If you decide on a credit card based solely on a bonus system and ignore the fees, you may even pay more than planned. It is also the case with some bonus systems that they are really only worthwhile if you use the card regularly and for high contributions.

Great events with GFI


Of course, there are also some credit cards with bonus systems that are really worthwhile. This includes, for example, GFI Cash credit cards. This card is also linked to a system. Points can be collected when paying with the card. It is also possible to earn additional points by recommending the card to friends and family. There is a checking account with the credit card, but it is completely free of charge and does not have to be used.

By paying with the GFI Cash Card, points are automatically collected. The bank is also part of cooperation in which more than 300 different online shops provide discounts that are otherwise not granted. These shops include Zalando and HolidayCheck. The points collected can then be redeemed in the GFI Cash Club.

The bonuses are quite impressive. For example, there are tickets for great events, for visits to zoos or parks, but also for concerts. Also included are bonuses for special adventure events, such as a hot air balloon ride or other events. If you want, you can also collect airline miles with your credit card.

Cash thanks to the easyCredit Card


Many customers also want the opportunity to collect points with their credit cards, which can then be exchanged for money. This is possible, for example, with the easyCredit-Card. With this credit card, it is the case that a bonus point is credited with every dollar. The points then gradually accumulate on the account.

Whoever has reached 1,000 points will be paid 10 USD. But be careful: the one point per dollar is only available with the Gold Card. With the Classic Card, it is only half a point for every dollar you spend.

This bonus program is worthwhile for anyone who particularly often pays large amounts with the card. It should be noted, however, that the credit card has an annual fee of 19.90 USD. This means that the points must first cover this fee before Plus can be written.

Payback and more


Another very popular bonus program is Payback. Many shops and online shops take part in this collection of points so that a good number of points can come together here.

However, it is also the case here that collecting the points often does not recoup the annual fee for the selected credit card. Therefore, Payback alone should be seen as a nice addition that makes it possible to get one or the other nice bonus.

In general, the bonus programs of the credit card providers are a good side effect for everyone who plays a lot with the card. However, big savings are not possible in this way, even if this is to be suggested to customers with a lot of advertising.