Loan amount as desired, individual terms, flexible repayment. A consumer loan is ideal for all types of financing in everyday life. This loan is available online at an unbeatable low-interest rate and is always free to use. Compare personal consumer loans, select the best provider and conclude online. It’s that easy.

What is a classic consumer loan?


If there were no classic consumer loans as a short-term financing option, Austrians could not realize many purchases and spontaneous wishes year after year. It is therefore not surprising that classic consumer credit – alongside car financing and real estate credit – has been the most common and most popular form of loan in Austria for many decades.

Online is in demand: The banks also know this and have literally specialized in the business with private consumer loans. Today there is a tailor-made consumer loan for everything and everyone.

With extremely good success and very satisfied customers. Direct banks have become the market leader in this country, especially in the area of ​​modern and flexible online loans – as experienced partners in consumer finance, they are now highly regarded by consumers.

For all cases: With such an installment loan for consumer purposes, you can realize all your small and large wishes and plans – from buying a used car to renovating a bathroom and spontaneously taking a vacation. Even debt rescheduling is easily possible with consumer loans. Everything is open to you with a consumer loan for free use.

More than cheap: Furthermore, there is a cheap, fixed interest rate with a fixed monthly rate for the entire repayment period. You can conveniently finance between amounts from 2,500 USD to 50,000 USD, many banks have a term of up to 120 months. In addition, every online loan in Austria can now be repaid flexibly – special repayments or even early repayment of the entire loan amount are possible without additional charges.

Of course, also safe: banks usually offer a withdrawal period of between 14 and 30 days for consumer loans. So even after quickly completing online, you can still decide whether you need your loan at all in the desired amount and term. Furthermore, an RKV degree is optionally possible at most banks, but not always mandatory.

Consumer credit – ready for everything you need it for


Of course, the question also arises: What can I actually use my universal consumer loan for? The simple as well as good answer: for all things and wishes of everyday life!

Funding important: The consumer loan is ideal for short-term purchases or necessary expenses that do not spontaneously fit into the household budget.

For example, a new car may be necessary in order to remain mobile. The repair of the house and apartment can no longer be postponed or the expensive household appliance surprisingly gives up its ghost. For all these cases, a consumer loan offers you ideal flexible options.

Fulfilling wishes: Such a consumer credit also helps you to safely and cheaply implement spontaneous wishes in the family. A vacation trip, for example, is long overdue, new bicycles, cars or study trips for son and daughter have to be paid for.

Or the garden shed with a pool is planned for the coming summer. Everything is possible with a consumer loan.

Tip: Consumer loans are not tied to any specific financing purposes, as is the case with a classic car loan or real estate financing. You also determine the amount and duration of the loan, as well as additional repayments yourself.

This gives borrowers the best possible leeway in arranging monthly installments and repaying the loan.


Debt restructuring through consumer credit – save money with the consumer loan

Debt restructuring through consumer credit - save money with the consumer loan

Consumer loans are, of course, also best suited for debt restructuring and loan repayments . Skillful debt restructuring not only creates clarity and security in your own finances. The attractive conditions of an online loan also offer you enormous savings potential.

Expensive overdraft facility on the account: The overdraft facility on the checking account is often exhausted for spontaneous and necessary financing. The result: high costs due to expensive overdraft interest of 10 percent and more – which are often incurred for months or even years.

Then, at the latest, it is more than appropriate to replace the overdraft facility with a modern consumer credit. The interest rate can easily be reduced by up to 70 percent and the amount stuttered in monthly installments. Loads of money that you can save yourself month after month.

Unnecessary small loans: If even several expensive small loans or spontaneous shopping finance from previous years have additionally burdened the household cash register, it can also be cleverly saved by consolidating and rescheduling a low-interest complete loan.

From now on, a fixed rate for all liabilities per month at the best interest rate – this is not only easier for you in everyday life, but the bottom line is significantly cheaper. You should explore in advance, however, possible late charges for the loan repayment.

Tip: In the case of debt rescheduling with a consumer loan, you have the option of co-financing an additional amount at any time. In this way, you not only pay off expensive overdrafts or residual loans. They also enjoy new financial scope for spontaneous requests, urgent purchases or simply as a cash reserve.

How do you get the best personal consumer loan?

How do you get the best personal consumer loan?

Would you like to explore the best personal consumer loan right away? Then start your online condition comparison now. You will be stuck: In just a few steps, you can quickly and easily get a loan with reasonable rates that exactly match the cash.

Compare and calculate: In our consumer loan comparison you will find the right loan offer within a very short time. Simply enter the net loan amount, determine the term and select the purpose – done.

After you have started the credit comparison, our calculator will determine the current best offers in a few seconds. Here you can see at a glance all the advantages and product details, the monthly rate and the effective interest rate of the current top banks.