The best thing about online instant loans is a quick credit decision. With an instant loan, you can finance quickly via the Internet. You simply apply for your loan online using a PC, laptop or smartphone. Depending on the provider, the payment is even made within a few days or hours. So ideal in terms of acute shortage of money.

What exactly is an instant loan and how does it differ from other loans?


An instant loan is actually a normal installment loan. It is often wrongly assumed that these are different types of credit. You can find a real instant loan with immediate approval and immediate payment (within a few hours) on our small loan page.

It should be noted here that a maximum of 1,500 USD can usually be paid out. For this, the payment is made all the faster compared to conventional loans and there are fewer documents to show. Another exception is the credit from Erste Bank. Here, up to USD 50,000 can be paid out within 24 hours after a positive check.

Which loans and credit information can you find on our website?


On this page, in turn, you will find a comparison and corresponding background information on loans of USD 3,000-65,000. You can apply for this within a few minutes. The payment is usually made relatively quickly within a few days.

Due to the extensive examination, the banks can offer you individual interest rates. With a good credit rating, this is a great advantage for you compared to the usually more expensive small loan.

Request your offer now! In our loan calculator, you can also see which requirements you have to meet and how many months are offered per bank.

Online instant loans: Compare interest rates and apply directly online

Online instant loans: Compare interest rates and apply directly online

After you have found the right loan for you in our loan comparison calculator, you can apply for it directly on the website of the respective bank. In many cases, the online identification is possible.

This ensures that you can apply for the loan directly from your couch via PC, laptop or smartphone. Unfortunately, few banks do not yet offer this service: The loan application must be printed out and sent to the respective financial institution along with the classic post-identification procedure.

Your few steps to a quick online instant loan

  • Explore the appropriate loan in the calculator
  • Perform online identification via video
  • Send the loan application directly to the bank online
  • Withdraw money quickly in a short time

You can find a credit comparison for Austria including reports on the various providers on our partner website

What advantages can you expect with an online instant loan?


With classic installment loans, banks often need many days or even weeks after making a loan application until the loan application is decided and your money finally ends up in the account. Not so with the online instant loan: Here you know instantly whether the desired loan will be approved and you will also benefit from particularly low-interest rates from the direct banks.

Also with regard to the purpose of use – unlike, for example, classic real estate loans or car loans – you are not tied to a loan including an instant commitment.

As a borrower, you can use your instant online loan at will. With larger sums, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to flexible framework conditions; with small sums, a mini loan as an online instant loan is significantly smarter than, for example, the expensive overdraft facility on a checking or salary account.

Quick acceptance, free of charge service: Loan applications and the banks’ final decision regarding credit are often quite cumbersome: documents such as proof of income, registration certificate, land register extracts or savings contracts must be checked individually. Sending the documents by post is time-consuming.

It often takes a week or two for the signed credit agreement to be received by the bank and payment to be made. With online credit via instant approval, this is usually all done digitally today and is also free of charge.

Best interest rates for direct banks: Modern direct banks without traditional branches often handle their lending business for private consumers entirely via the Internet.

This saves you a lot of money as a borrower – thanks to particularly low-interest rates, no expenses for contracts and loan processing, and ultimately a lower monthly rate. Nevertheless, you can benefit from personal advice via email, live chat or telephone for all questions regarding the loan offer.

Flexibility through special repayments free of charge: As a bank customer, you also enjoy many advantages when it comes to repaying the instant online loan. If a financial injection is in the house, it can be used as additional free special repayments of the instant loan or it can even be repaid in full and free of charge.

What this means for you: Less residual amount, shorter-term, lower interest payment or simply being free of debt earlier. Conversely, with direct banks, one or the other pause in installments is possible – if the cashier does not provide the monthly credit installment.

Freedom of use: When you request a loan, you usually have to specify what the loan amount will be used for. Dedicated loans such as construction finance, car loans or debt rescheduling loans are secured by the property or the vehicle until they are fully repaid. Debt rescheduling loans may also only be used for the purpose of loan repayment.

Often the money here does not even end up in your own account but is transferred directly from the bank to the debtor. An online instant loan, on the other hand, is usually not tied to any purpose – you can use the borrowed money to finance what you want.